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Individual visit:

Wednesday and Saturday. From 13h30 until 17h.
Entrance: 5 euro

Group visits with an experienced guide:

Every day after reservation. Duration: approximately 1 hour.
6 Euro pp. (weekdays from 10 until 18 h.)
7 Euro pp. (nocturnes and sundays)
Wage of the guide included. (minimum group/guide: 110 Euro)
Guided visits in Dutch, English, French or German possible.

Reservation: vliegendpeert@skynet.be. Info:

The historical rooms of 't Vliegend Peert also contain a museum, built around a permanent collection of paintings from the sixteenth century, on the basis of a long term loan. The name of the museum, Het Zotte Kunstkabinet (The Foolish Art Collection), refers to the specific theme of the paintings, satirical-moralising, in the 16th century also referred to as Sot (Foolisch).
Hieronymus Bosch was one of the first to draw inspiration from an imagery that would provide a few generations of artists such as Bruegel and Brouwer with metaphors to depict reprehensible behaviour.


The museum makes it clear that these painters did not have to invent their iconography but that they could fall back on Middle Dutch literature and texts from the Rederijkerskamers (Chambers of Rhetoric).




Looking at original paintings from the period between 1500 and 1650 the visitor will meet on his tour many monstrous creatures and extremely weird people.


More paintings in the Picture Gallery !








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